BSP rolls out chip-enabled Visa debit cards


Bank South Pacific (BSP) launched its new chip-enabled Visa debit card  (VDC) in Port Moresby on Thursday.
BSP group chief executive Robin Fleming said the new cards were more secure from fraudulent use and was a migration undertaken by banks globally.
Fleming commended the local bank staff for developing the new cards.
“It is really exciting to be able to launch this VDC for BSP as the local bank, “ Fleming said.
“We say local bank but really we are the regional bank, to be able launch a card such as this which has been done very much by our team here in PNG.
“There has been a lot of time, effort and energy, a lot of testing and additional security features which come with the card are fantastic.
“It is the type of card that you can get from any bank overseas.
“The touch-and-go capability is the first in PNG.
“It is working and customers are able to do those small value transactions of up to K50 three times a day.
“The fourth time, you will prompted to use a pin.
“And it starts to give people confidence in their cards, moving away from cash and being able to speed that process of payment.
“It is really important for PNG to have a world-class system and the way we approach our technology development. Digital is the way forward and is the future on how we will be doing business.”
PNG Kumul captain and BSP brand ambassador David Mead was present at the launch.