BSP sets limit to visa card withdrawal


THE Bank South Pacific Financial Group Ltd (BSP) has reduced how much one can withdraw using the Visa card overseas because of travel restrictions related to the Coronavirus (Covid-19).
Group chief executive officer Robin Fleming said customers affected by the bank’s Visa card limit at automated teller machines (ATM) overseas should contact the bank’s call-centre for assistance.
BSP has so far assisted 30 customers in the Philippines who had contacted the bank for assistance.
“On Aug 20, BSP effected a reduction on Visa (card) limits in response to ATM withdrawals made offshore at a time when Covid-19 related travel restrictions prevented many of our customers from being able to undertake transactions overseas,” Fleming said.
“As a result, BSP reduced its ATM withdrawal daily limit to K500 for all Visa Classic cards offshore and restricted ATM withdrawals in China and Philippines as there was a large number of transactions in these countries at ATMs which were inconsistent with other transaction behaviour.”
The bank informed the customers of the change on Aug 20.
“Recognising the impact on some customers, we established a customer-support process to assist affected customers on a case by case basis.”