BSP, SVS tie up to grow business

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The National, Wednesday July 10th, 2013

 Bank South Pacific and Super Value Stores (SVS) Ltd have partnered to grow local businesses while delivering their respective services.  

The deal was disclosed on Monday with the signing of a deal between BSP and SVS that would facilitate the financial inclusion and expansion of small business opportunities in Papua New Guinea. 

As one of the nations’ largest retailers, SVS will rollout 3,000 Supa Village Stoa projects throughout PNG.

The store will also have an exclusive and strategic business relationship with BSP. 

Under the deal, each Supa Village Stoa will become a BSP agent and benefit from the bank’s range of e-payment solutions and be eligible for specially-tailored smart business financing.

The deal will pave the way for BSP and SVS to assist in growing local businesses.

BSP Group chief executive officer Robin Fleming said: “BSP is committed to helping small businesses grow and is proud to work with the Supa Village Stoa project.  

“Our collaboration with SVS is a unique opportunity to offer banking services in rural areas, through a trusted businessperson in the local community under a nationally recognised retail brand.”

He said bringing together the country’s leading bank and retailer will be a catalyst for local communities to be supplied with high quality goods, financial services and new business opportunities on a national scale.