BSP Visa installs new security feature

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The National, Tuesday February 25th, 2014

 BANK South Pacific (BSP) Visa cardholders have been assured of a stronger level of security whenever they use the card here and overseas, thanks to the introduction of a new alert service.

The bank said it has a new service known as “BSP visa alert” that would see BSP visa cardholders receive alerts via SMS, email, or both, for certain transactions performed.  

BSP group chief operating officer Robert Loggia said: “BSP is committed to provide our  visa holders with the best security measures and we are delighted that our partnership with  visa has enabled this, allowing our cardholders to perform their transaction(s) with even more confidence. 

“BSP visa holders can now keep track of transactions that are made either with or without their authorisation or knowledge. 

“Cardholders will receive an alert within minutes of a transaction being performed and if it is fraudulent, they can act quickly to resolve the situation and cancel their card.”

Alerts would be triggered when customers use their cards to purchase goods or services over a certain amount either via ATMs, Eftpos, or transacting via internet, mail or telephone here or overseas.  

An alert will also be issued if a transaction was declined. 

Since transactions have to go through VisaNet to enable an alert to be triggered, all transactions would have to be performed at non-BSP devices (ATMs, Eftpos and internet payment gateways). 

Alerts will not be triggered for transactions using  BSP devices.