Buai sellers, go home and work your own land

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday October 21st, 2013

 IT is obvious from the popular support that the buai ban is long overdue and accolades are due for NCDC and Governor Powes Parkop. 

I would like to further suggest to the Motu-Koita Assembly and the Koiaris to work with Parkop to develop some of their idle land for affordable, low-cost accommodation. 

There should now be an irrefutable policy on staff accommodation in the public and private sector as a prerequisite for registration and operation in NCD. 

This will help to identify real squatters and help them resettle in identified zones as well as help regulate the industry. 

Critics of the buai ban have adamantly argued the opposite, but the benefits evidently outweigh them. 

Moreover, common sense should prevail, especially among opportunists who have openly expressed their intention to seek court interpretations. 

PNG adopted a traditional land ownership system and the land of Port Moresby belongs to the Motu Koitabuans and the Koiaris. 

There is no civil war in PNG that would warrant such a mass migration to Port Moresby to experience such poverty and inhuman conditions. 

Those people should therefore consider going back to where they came from and work their land. 



Port Moresby