Buai spot fines come into force

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The National, Tuesday July 12th, 2016

THE spot fine of K500 for people chewing and spitting betel nut in the National Capital District comes into effect this week, according to deputy city manager Honk Kiap.
Kiap, also the controller of the NCDC buai ban, had announced in March that offenders who failed to pay the fine would be charged and locked in the police station cell.
He earlier said City Hall was targeting betel nut chewers who continued to breach the NCD Betel Nut Control Law of 2013.
“The worse culprits have been the chewers who are buying betel nuts, throwing betel nut skins everywhere and spitting the red betel nut juice on the pavements,” he said.
“We have re-strategised after looking at all options and decided that those who are enjoying their betel nuts are some of the major contributors to the unsightly scenes in our city in as far as betel nut-related littering is concerned.”
He said the NCD betel nut ban was in force and anyone selling or chewing in public places was in breach of the NCD Betel Nut Control Law of 2013.
“If anyone is caught with betel nut in his or her mouth, a K500 spot fine will be imposed,” Honk said.
“People will be taken off vehicles and charged and jailed if they don’t pay a spot fine of K500.”
Kiap yesterday told The National that the awareness on the spot fine started in May and was continuing.
“Awareness started in May and is ongoing. Selected sites for betel nut markets will be announced this week,” he said.