Buai vendors charge more

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 8th, 2013


VENDORS are now resorting to new methods of selling buai to their loyal customers and for a much higher price

Vendors around the city are selling buai at a higher price to make profit quickly because of the strong warning from city rangers.

Clara, a vendor in the city area, said she had to sell buai for K2 each, and is now at her residential area.

“Buai (price) has gone up because people are scared to bring in buai from the villages outside,” she said

Clara said buai had become scarce and wholesale buai markets were charging higher as well.

“I sell buai at my house for K2 to people who chew and my regular customers know I have buai and they come into my yard chew, spit in the bins provided and rinse their mouths and go,” she said.

A youth named Polax said he had been making profit from buai but has now resorted to selling biscuits and noodles to make his living.

“The profit I made from buai is much higher,” he said 

He called on National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop to provide other alternatives for youths because he did not have any formal education and selling buai was a way he made his living.

Rangers within the city have been clamping down on markets that used to sell biscuits and other snacks to check out if buai was included.