Buang marks 100 years since arrival of gospel


Buang people of Morobe celebrated 100 years of arrival of the Gospel into the area last weekend.
Buangs from other provinces and Morobe joined 4000 people of six Lutheran parishes in celebrating arrival of first German missionary to Friedrich Bayer 100 years ago.
Celebration started earlier in the week with Bible study and reenactment of first arrival of the Gospel.
The celebration was attended by Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG (ELC-PNG) assistant Head Bishop Rev Lucas Kedabing, treasurer Noreo Keindip and Jabem district vice-president Elisha Didi.
People from parishes of Biangkun, Bulandem, Mapos, Manga, and Bayer gathered at Winz (Davong) village in Gwem parish for the week-long celebration.
Relatives of early evangelist from the area paid homage to the hard work of their forefathers.
Bayer first arrived at Davong village in Buang on Nov 15, 1918, with four evangelists from Malaclo along the Salamaua coast and translator Kalek Mopom of Vehes village.
Buang was part of Malaclo circuit then. First baptism was conducted at the village on Oct 20, 1925.
Evangelists were then sent by Bayer to proclaim the Gospel in Bugwev, Manga and Salimb in Buang; Patep-Maumba, Vank, Sambio, Mumengtain, Bangolum, Kapin One and Two, and Lanzov in Mumeng; and Waikanda in Watut between 1926 and 1928. Four evangelists were sent to Ogelbeng in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands, from 1928 to 1934.
Buang became a circuit of Jabem district on Oct 25, 1976 with Itama Kiputung of Winz becoming the pioneer circuit president.
Kedabing told the Buang people during the celebration that they had good values of socialising in whatever community they lived in.
“Buang people have attitudes of unity, sharing and working together.”

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