Budget backs NGOs and national bodies

Lae News, Normal

The National- Tuesday, January 11, 2011


THE Morobe provincial budget for this year has continued its support to the national functions and non-governmental organisations in the province in appreciation for their work.

The allocation has drawn opposition  from two MPs Markham’s Koni Iguan and Finschhafen’s Theodore Zurenuoc.

They criticised the support of K500,000 to the National Agriculture Research Institute (NARI) at 10-Mile along the highway.

They said NARI, being a national institution, was funded by the national government “so the allocation should be given to others like rural communication”.

“The provincial government is proud and appreciates such important institution in the province,” Governor and budget chairman Luther Wenge replied.

He said the national functions that required provincial support of K783,400 included law and justice sector, HIV/AIDS, the PNG Fire Service and NBC Radio Morobe.

The NGOs include provincial youth and women’s council, Morobe Menyamya Security, Gejamsao Guest House, Wantok Radio Light and other church programmes were given K2.5 million. 

The division break up is:

. Motor vehicle registry (K1 million);

. Disaster management and emergency services (K680,000);

. Agriculture and livestock and extension development (K465, 300);

. Morobe fisheries management authority (K300,000);

. Mining and natural resources (K850,000);

. Education

– tertiary education support (K5 million including the subsidy of K3 million);

– Outstanding school subsidy debts K1 million;

– National Polytechnic Institute and Braun Health Centre K1 million;

– District education office’s operations – K175,500 including K5,000 each for education administration, office facilities, teachers in-service and schools examination administration;

– Monitoring, evaluation, inspection, supervision and training  K430,700;

– Schools inspection K5,000;

– Supervisory inspections K6,000;

– Elementary education administration  K5,000;

– Elementary teacher training K16,000; and

– Education materials and operations grant  K2.825 million.


-Nine district health divisions each received K80,000 to upgrade and manage services;

– Medivac, repatriation and referrals K720,000;

–Integrated health patrol K590, 000;

– Disease control K90,000;

– Family health services – K90, 000;

– Environmental health and water supply K90,000;

– Health promotion K70,000;

– Medicines and medical supplies K200,000

. Community Development (K150,000);

. Sports development (K940,000);

. Culture (K165,000);

.  Tourism (K70,000).