Build a proper market in Kumbal, MPs

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THE people of Kumbal in North Waghi urgently need a proper market to sell their garden produce.
This was raised by leaders and councillors last week because they have seen the need for the people to sell their produce in a proper place instead of by the roadside.
The people of Kumbal are suffering the most because it is situated at the border of Western Highlands and Simbu, making it a no-man’s land.
Councillors Simbil Karap (Kombulno 3), Joshua Bokon (Nondugl 2), Moses Bee (Kumbal 2), Kupson Wani (Nondugl 1), Talu Mangi (Nondugl), Norwai Talnge (Mummul 1), Girua Ber (Kumbal 1) and Joe Piai, Pukma Samson and Kolnge Lucas of Kerowagi, Simbu, spoke of the need of a market.
Former Nondugl local level government council president Talu Mangi has called on the MPs of Anglimp-South Waghi (Jamie Maxtone-Graham), North Waghi (Benjamin Mul) and Kerowagi (Guma Wau) to contribute funds and build a proper market.
Mr Mangi said this was because people from South Waghi and Kerowagi were also bringing their garden produce to Kumbal to sell and earn some money to buy some household products.
He said they needed a proper market because the people were selling their goods along the road side which is dangerous to both buyers and sellers.
He has said land to build the market was not a problem but finding funds was.


Frank Goi