Build affordable houses for the people

Letters, Normal

I AM a contributor to a major superfund.
Last year, new houses at Eight-Mile and Nine-Mile were sold between K285,000 and K400,000.
In the recent newsletter, it was stated that the majority of the house buyers were first-time house buyers.
I thought of buying a house but I would have to take out a big housing loan.
Even then, it would still be cheaper than some of the houses being sold at highly inflated and ridiculous prices.
The next phase of the housing project will be completed soon but houses are being sold at more than K500,000.
Tell me, how many people would have K500,000 in their account?
It seems everyone is just getting greedier.
I think superfund companies should be building homes which are affordable to their members.
I would like to know whether there is a body for real estates as they are popping up like mushrooms.
Recently, I wanted to see a property for sale only to be directed to the same property by two different agents.
Is it ethical to have two real estate companies selling the same property?

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