Build airport for Chimbu


NOTHING has been done for an airport in Kundiawa, Chimbu, after the one we had ceased operations.
Kerowagi MP Bari Palma made an attempt to build an airport, first in Kerowagi and later abandoned the construction in an effort to shift the needed service to Kup local level government.
The construction began but was halted.
The project was hijacked for some unknown reasons.
The people of Kerowagi know that Palma went through some tough times that might have impeded him from successfully completing the project.
The people of Chimbu need an airport.
Why can’t all Chimbu MPs support Palma with his plan?
Work together and build the airport.
We have been without an airport for the last seven years.
What Palma attempted was crucial, a tangible infrastructure development that should be supported.
Chimbu needs an airport.
Let’s get it done.

Tony Guan