Build league hype: Official


A DIGICEL Cup bid team, Madang Kwilas, have suggested to the Papua New Guinea National Rugby League Competition to relocate the six Highlands franchises to other regions of the country if the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation does not improve next year.
Club chairman Bhreed Kinjakali told The National yesterday that the idea of relocation could make it possible for new franchises like Kwilas and Sepik Pride.
He said if the two franchises were not allowed to bid next year then the idea of relocation of the Highlands teams would still benefit them.
“Even if competition maintains does not include new franchises in 2022, the idea we are suggesting will still benefitthe two bidding franchises and it is good for the competition,” he said.
“What we are suggesting is the same approach as that of Australia’s National Rugby League (NRL).
“The NRL had to relocate all New South Wales teams and Melbourne Storm to Queensland which was less affected by the pandemic. That’s why they had a successful season.
“Our competition can also think along that same line if the situation continues to worsen.
“On the other hand, if the teams relocate to Madang, Lae and the New Guinea Islands, it will help promote the game especially in Madang and the Sepik provinces.
“The more Digicel Cup games played in the region of the bidding sides, it will help build the hype and attract new followers of the new clubs that may join the competition in 2023.
“So the idea is a win-win situation for everyone.
“We are planning to present that to the competition once we are ready.”