Build overhead bridge to avoid traffic issues


WITH all that is going on in the nation’s capital such as illegal fencing, theft, prison breaks and other financial burdens, there are traffic issues that drive us away from basic development.
As the city is expanding in terms of development and population, there is no proper accommodation and housing for workers.
Many are forced to live at the outskirts of the city.
Some have moved to undeveloped land without access to government services.
Shops, schools, settlements, gas stations and warehouses were later built in these areas. One of such areas is Kennedy Estate at 7-Mile.
As development reaches these areas, the population increased.
This led to traffic congestion almost every morning and afternoon.
It is an eyesore. The traffic is sometimes bad to the point that vehicles remain stuck in the same place for up to an hour.
Sometimes people go late to work and school because of this.
I understand that this won’t change overnight and there’s still a long way to go.
People who say it’s easy haven’t tried doing anything about it.
To address this issue, you would need manpower, adequate financial support and a good plan.
It is just like power generation.
I suggest that there should be an overhead bridge for pedestrians accessing the crossing near the roundabout at Erima.
The road lanes should be increased.
Ideas of developments in this area should consider the fact that it is next to the airport.

Francisca Leila Wutozum,
Grade 7 Student