Build proper facilities, says Kunagil

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The National, Thursday July 11th, 2013

 BUILDING proper marketing facilities and providing a safe-haven for mothers to earn an income to support their families is the way forward for many, according to a local level government (LLG) election candidate in Jiwaka.

Opai Kunagil, a candidate for the Nondugl LLG president’s seat, said past and present leaders had been preaching about bringing positive changes to the area but nothing tangible had been done.

He attributed that to “lip services”, which never materialised after the leaders were given the mandate by the people.

Kunagil proposed to focus on building proper markets at strategic locations in the entire LLG area to pave way for people to generate income in their locality and to ensure that cash-flow is often maintained.

“Most of our people are living below the poverty line and it is sad scenario in this country. Though the government seems to come up with increasing budgetary figures each year, we see nothing tangible on the ground because of wrong priorities,” Kunagil said.