Build response facilities in schools


SCHOOLS in the country don’t have required facilities to manage basic healthcare for school children.
It will be very difficult for individual schools to contain a possible outbreak of the coronavirus.
Students are now living with fear and anxiety.
Every day the news of Covid-19 has become the centre of discussions and people have drawn their own conclusions about the pandemic.
The Government cannot risk the lives of the young educated population in a rush to resume classes.
The government needs to focus on building response facilities at every schools in the country to cater for the pandemic.
The remaining months of this year, the government should focus on building and organising basic health facilities and properly assess the situation.
Education doesn’t stop regardless of ages.
Anyone willing and able to learn can still go to school.
However, if someone loses his or her life, they cannot take it back.
Parents, guardians and the stakeholders be reminded of the safety of our children.
The coronavirus is in fact deadly and cannot be taken lightly and risks our children’s lives.

Mt Hagen

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