Build road from Komo to Mt Sisa


WE ask our Komo-Margarima MP, Manasseh Makiba, to build a road from Komo to Mt Sisa Bosavi.
This is the missing link for two years.
We walk for four days to get to Komo just to purchase a packet of salt and other store goods.
Our parents have been walking and we are still walking.
When will we have chance to travel on vehicles to access goods and services.
I appeal to Hela Governor Philip Undialu and Prime Minister James Marape if they can step in and support Makiba who spend about K250,000 in purchasing 10 chainsaws to clear bushes, mapping, flying over and transportation cost of delivering the materials from Mt Hagen.
The MP had committed K5 million for the proposed Komo-Mt Sisa Bosavi road.
As citizens of this country, we have the right to have better road services.

Joseph Addo
Mt Sisa LLG