Build roads for Menyamya people


THE Menyamya-Bulolo Highway to Lae has not been upgraded since Ialibu-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill was prime minister.
He said he would upgrade the highway and link the road with Eastern Highlands, Gulf and Port Moresby but he did nothing. Prime Minister James Marape is doing the same, talk with no action.
Probably our next prime minister would do the same as well.
We need the roads, among other services such as education and health.
The Menyamya people including the people of Marawaka Wailala, Kaindipa and other surrounding people have read and heard about road developments but we haven’t seen anything yet.
We are living as if Papua New Guinea is not independent country.
I am a school dropout from Anhi Primary school in Menyamya.
I used to drift on the Kotai River through a bamboo raft with bags of coffee, peanuts, betel nuts and garden food.
I sell some of the food at Menyamya Market.
Every time when I sail to the market, at least some of my cargo sink in the river.
Many people have lost their lives travelling the river.
I have no choice but to continue on to earn my living as government services in the district are lacking.
It is time the Government helped us out.
We don’t want to know any more about developments in towns and cities.
We want to see our district access basic government services.

Bamboo Raft Sailor,
Sali Yakuyoni