Build roads for North Fly


THE news about villagers building roads in North Fly, Western, published in The National last Wednesday is a slap in the face.
It seems after five years, our local MP James Donald is still dreaming.
Nothing has become reality from his vision of building roads.
The people of Nomad are still walking for weeks to reach Kiunga for basic services.
Health services in the district are non-existent.
Schools such as Kiunga Secondary and others are run down.
Health and education should have been a pillar of hope for our people in North Fly, however, that has been overlooked.
The MP’s rice factory, which was completed two years ago, still stands with no rice production.
He is now embarking on another project – vanilla factory which is another elephant project.
Funds that were supposed to be used for more tangible benefits such as health, education and roads have been used in such elephant projects which will not benefit the people in the short term.
What the district needs is good roads connecting the rural people to services they need the most such as health and education.
The people of North Fly and Western are not blind and deaf.

Anua Kru,