Build roads for us, Smith

Letters, Normal

AS someone involved in the agriculture business, I commend Eastern Highlands Governor Malcolm Kela-Smith for inviting Kiwi investors to invest in the horticulture industry in our province (The National, Oct 2).
Mr Smith was right when he said that the assistance of the NZ government through FPDA could create more jobs and income for the people, and the EHP people needed advice on packing, marketing and transporting.
It is good the governor mentioned transport.
My question is can the governor guarantee investors and farmers that he will provide a good road network?
He has been in power for almost eight years but I have yet to see a good road network in the province.
When can Eastern Highlanders see that and travel on proper roads for a change?
Mr Smith was spot on when he said coffee was the only real export earner for Eastern Highlanders.
The farmers in Obura-Wonenara produce tonnes of coffee but without roads, we cannot send our coffee bags out.
I call on the governor to drive down to Obura station or Wonenara or even Gadsup and see for himself the hardship his people are facing.


Local farmer