Building remains idle since 2017


THE new Wau health administration building funded by the Morobe provincial government and has never been completed up till today.
This incomplete building was constructed in December 2017.
Electricity, water and furniture were never installed.
It is standing idle today.
This is one of the classic examples of paper construction and building companies.
They apply for projects but they don’t have the experience, qualified personnel and the equipment.
They lack the financial capacity to complete the project.
I believe cronies may have been involved in awarding of the contracts.
Sub-contractors and local employees have not been paid for their work and are still waiting.
They are already frustrated about the delay.
We are putting this out to get the attention of financiers and authorities to do something about it.

Guyoni Ulachoe (Mr)
Local Disease Control Officer


  • What a waste of taxpayers’money.? Built for rats and mites to occupy and breed more destroyers..
    This is a clear indication of corrupt deals and practices by those who involve in awarding the contract and those who built this house. I called upon the Member for Bulolo to investigates this deals. This money could be used to built a good classroom for learning for the school children of Bulolo district.

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