Building structures at Angau hospital questioned


IT is good to see some new building developments taking place at the Angau Memorial General Hospital replacing some of the colonial era buildings that had been ravaged by termites and weathered down over the years.
One of the building structures, however is raising a few eye brows amongst the general public, and that is one that appears like a bulk cargo storage warehouse, right in the centre of the hospital grounds.
Unfortunately, the contractor has not clearly put out a public display board of what this specific building structure is being built for, hence the concerns from the general public and to allow them to decide whether such a building is okay or not.
Not sure how the relevant provincial authorities (physical planning and building boards) had sanctioned such an archaic type of structural building, considering the patients’ and medical workers’ need for free movement inside hospital buildings.
Building types within the hospital grounds should be able to cater for a positive, pleasant and cool environment to help in promoting the patients’ recovery from their illnesses.
Hospital buildings designs must be innovative and be responsive to the present needs and consider future changes as well.
It is equally important that the patients’ privacy and well-being are accommodated for in the initial design stages of such buildings, and the time is now ripe for hospital authorities and architect designers to do away with open beds wards and include cubicle rooms for patients.
The hospital grounds should have large open spaces or areas for free mobility of the patients, hospital staff, family members or guardians and should not be cramped into other adjacent buildings, as is unfortunately the case with this bulk cargo warehouse type building!
What should have been designed is a two or three story building that is patient centered and must represent their needs, like the ward open cubicle rooms should be big enough to accommodate one or two patient beds to occupy per room.
There should also be space within these buildings for visiting families or guardians to stay and support their loved ones, and definitely not inside these archaic warehouse type designed building, thank you.

Lorenitz Gaius
Ketskets village