Building’s construction behind schedule: Developer


WORK on the K400 million 23-storey Noble Centre in Port Moresby is behind schedule because of delays in the shipment of building materials, according to the developer.
China Railway Construction Engineering Group (PNG) Real Estate Company Ltd sales manager Maksim Neil told The National that they were confident of “regaining momentum” on the work.
They expect to work through Christmas.
They had planned to complete it this year but now expect the completion of Noble Centre to be in April next year.
Neil said the ground floor reception area was opened in August.
“We have seen many interested clients through our Noble Center doors,” he said.
“The reception area is the first point of entry into any building.
“Thus we put a lot of effort into making the reception area look simple yet sophisticated so that our clients can have a good first impression.
of what the rest of the floors would look like.”
They are making use of materials they have. “All glass around the facade have been installed,” he said.
“We have already begun partitioning the standard office spaces within the floors. “We have lifts working to help move materia in the building.” and we have power throughout the building.”
Meanwhile, he welcomed the construction of Steamships Trading Company’s Harbourside precinct adjacent to the Noble Centre which began a few weeks ago.

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  • This is due to poor planning and do not believe in program planning causing the time lost without noticing any of the activities require long lead time to procure. However, most of the Chinese Construction companies are working at their own interest not following the contract.

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