Buimo escapee recaptured

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POLICE have recaptured a prisoner who escaped from Buimo jail in the Morobe province last week.
Provincial police commander Chief Insp Anthony Wagambie Jr told The National that the escapee was among those who escaped from Buimo last year and had been hiding on the other side of the overflowing Ramu River following continuous heavy rain.
He said Mobile Squad 13 members engaged to provide security at the Ramu nickel mine operation and local police acted on a tip-off that the escapee was intimidating and terrorising villagers in the area.
Police then conducted a surprise dawn raid and caught the suspect.
“I’m very thankful and also commend the community for providing the information and to my policemen with assistance of the Lae-based Mobile Squad for a good job,” he said.
He said the policemen had to sacrifice by swimming across the Ramu River which had been overflowing in the last two months, washing away the two bridges linking the Brahman and Bundi areas.
“The prisoner is now held in a police lockup in the Jomba jail and will be transferred to Lae after being charged,” Chief Insp Wagambie said.
He said community help and participation in combating crime and eradicating law and order was a collaborative effort and appealed to the public to continuously help the police.
He is also appealing to the non-local Madang residents along the Usino Road to Madang to refrain from bringing ideas and brainwashing locals to seek for compensation for roads clearance.
Chief Insp Wagambie said a few people from Simbu province were brainwashing and setting up road blocks, demanding compensation from contractors and Works Department to allow them to clear road.
“The attitude of seeking compensation to allow services is unacceptable and mentally sick.
“The Simbus should stop and return home to do that,” he said.