Buimo jail latest casualty of power, water cuts

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THE power and water problems faced in Lae will adversely affect the Buimo jail.
It can not operate without electricity from PNG Power and its standby generator is not working.
And with the lack of power to pump water, the jail is doubly-troubled.
The prison, which houses over 600 convicts and remandees in both the female and
male compounds, was covered in darkness in the first weekend of this year.
The situation saw the guards become vigilant.
“The generator needs to be fixed, and the absence of the power and water supplies is a big problem,” Buimo jail commander Samson Jaro said.
The financial functions for Government agencies would not be reopened until warrants are issued next month and Mr Jaro felt that most State agencies would face problems.
He was hoping the Government would give priority to the needs of jails nationwide.