Buimo Road eviction is most welcomed

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday, June 10th 2011

THE planned eviction at Buimo Road, Kau Banis, is greatly welcomed by the silent majority of the residents in the surrounding area and Lae city.
At last, there will be real economic development taking place at the area by the Papindo group.
For far too long that piece of land has been the hub for serious crimes, HIV/AIDS, social disorder and over-populated squatter settlements.
It is a major threat to the private and government institutions, business clients and genuine residents along Buimo Road because almost everyone has fallen victim to hold-ups, vehicle-jacking, threats, etc, for years.
As a result, that particular stretch of road has been neglected although it leads to the Buimo health centre, Bumbu police barracks, AOG campus, Timber and Forestry College, a Unitech campus, central abattoir and CIS.
That place is no better than a slum with makeshift houses edgin­g closer to the main road.
We do not understand why these illegal settlers are purposely showing disrespect to the courts.
The governor and mayor should not play politics but tell the squatters to respect the law.

Frustrated citizens