Buk Bilong Pikinini school in Lae graduates its first batch of students


BUK Bilong Pikinini in Lae yesterday graduated 61 pioneer students after the school started its operations in the province last year.
During the graduation, it was revealed that the school, despite being newly established, had proven to have imparted knowledge and trained children from ages three to seven to be competent when attending upper grade at the primary level.
Parent and Powerboss Ltd managing director Michael Pai, during the graduation, said children were the foundation of the country as its future human resource.
“They have to be trained very well at the initial stage before going into primary level as by then, their minds will be ready to pick up and their learning will be effective,” he said.
Morobe Show committee member Karen Quinn, said: “Reading is life and if one
cannot read, life will be a struggle.
“If people cannot read in this world today, then there is no future for you.
“These kids are very fortunate to have teachers that can teach them really well here to be
able to read and write at an early stage.
“The most-important thing in life is the opportunity to learn to read.
“This is what Buk Bilong Pikinini is doing to these children
Quinn said despite under-resourced, the school was able to accomplished magnificent levels in the learning of these beginners.
The school operates at University of Technology.
A new one at Lae Showground will start classes next year.
Quinn thanked PNG Forest Products Ltd for building infrastructures in the school, KK Kingston for the water tanks and other donors for the valuable support that has seen the school progress this far.
She said support for the school from Morobe Show Society would always be there.
Quinn urged parents to make sure children were given the opportunity to attend classes every schooling day.