Buka drainage being upgraded

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SONIA KENU DWU Journalism student

THE main street of Buka town is undergoing a drainage system upgrade under the Transport Sector Support Programme (TSSP), supported by Australian aid agency, AusAID.
The construction work is done by the Islands Konsultants Limited (IKL) who won the tender from the TSSP.
According to Bougainville project team leader, Bob Willis, the project is funded by AusAID at a cost of K135,000.
The construction began last week and is expected to be completed before December.
IKL supervisor Stanley Bita said the completion of the project depends on the weather conditions in Buka.
Mr Willis said they were planning to get the drains done along the main street of Buka town where there are always pools of water at the road side after heavy rains.
It makes it difficult for trucks to drive by.
It is a basic initiative of the TSSP to improve and beautify the streets of Buka town that has never seen beatification in the last couple of years. 
Over the years, TSSP has also done some work on the highway from Buka to Arawa that has been damaged due to lack of proper drainage to ensure good road condition for the travelling public.