Buka preparing to host inaugural rugby league nines tourney


BUKA is set to host the inaugural North Bougainville Rugby League Nines tournament from Jan 27-29.
The three-day competition will see participation from both men’s and women’s teams from the 14 constituencies of the district which includes Tsitalato, Hagogohe, Halia, Haku,Selau, Suir, Peit, Tonsu, Mahari, Teua, Taunita-Tinputs, Taunita-Teop, Nissan and the Atolls.
The tournament is being spearheaded by a coordinating committee comprising youth leaders, former rugby representative players and league officials from North Bougainville, and event managers Juet Creative House.
Themed “Sports for Change” the event focuses on promoting the advancement of Bougainville youth through sport development initiatives.
According to event managers, the tournament was initiated to support the work of the many great individuals and sporting fraternities, past and present, who continue to contribute immensely to developing the sporting sector in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.
The tournament coordinating committee is led by tournament director Kelly Havara, and includes assistant tournament director Jerome Sahin, and officials Greg Ragu, Charlie Havara and Serah Sahin.
“Sports has contributed much to peace building throughout Bougainville,” director Havara said.
“For our youth, sports builds character and encourages positive traits and living. We have much to do to realise the true potential of sports in Bougainville and what it can do for our young men and women.
“The North Bougainville Rugby League Nines tournament is an avenue where we can continue to drive the sports development and growth agenda at the village level.”
Registration for teams is now open and will close on Monday (Jan 17).
Cubs may call organisers on 708 140 25 to register.