Bullet misses detectives in car chase


TWO police detectives escaped injuries when they were shot at during a high-speed car chase in Port Moresby yesterday.
Police commander for the National Capital District and Central Anthony Wagambie Jr said the bullet smashed through the windscreen and missed their heads “by inches”.
Wagambie said detectives came across a suspicious looking car at Godwit Street in Gordon, and followed it towards Unagi Oval.
They were shot at by people in the car.
“Despite coming under fire, the policemen continued to chase the fleeing gang until they arrested one suspect at Godwit Street near the Gordon Police Barracks,”Wagambie said.
“A gun battle raged and ensued across Unagi Oval and continued onto the Sir Hubert Murray Highway. But luckily no member of the pubic was caught in the crossfire.”
Wagambie said the suspects drove into another car, jumped out, fired more shots at the police vehicle and fled. A third suspect, who was wounded, was arrested by police at the crash site.
Wagambie praised his men for their courage and determination.
“Despite the risks and extremely difficult circumstances, policemen put their lives on the line to foil a crime and arrest a suspect who is considered a threat to the community and businesses .”
The two gunmen who fled from the scene are known to police.
One is from Eastern Highlands and the other is from Chimbu.


  • thank you RPNGC for keeping our streets safe, thank you for the good job, thank you for the hard work you guys put through to protect your citizens.

  • Thank you Heavenly Father for your love and protection…….
    You 2’s deserve a medal for your bravery!

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