Bulolo district claims half of Morobe’s share

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THE Bulolo district has staked a 50% claim on the Morobe provincial government’s share of royalties paid to the State by Morobe Mining Joint Venture (MMJV).
The Morobe provincial government’s cut is 36% .
Bulolo district will now have 50% of that, according to a memorandum of agreement signed on Monday between the district, the provincial government and MMJV.
Morobe Governor Luther Wenge said he wanted to see the basic services of the two townships improved.
“Health, education, road, water supply, law and order must be improved. Status of the two townships must be developed into most modern standard,” he said.
He added that mining companies must cater for the concern of the communities.
 “The resources belong to the people and it is the communities that will be affected after mining life,” he said.
He said the communities had to approach the government and the company to discuss and solve issues affecting their livelihood.
Mr Wenge, provincial administrator Kemas Tomala, Bulolo MP Sam Basil and district administrator Nimsen Kibisep signed the documents at the district administration headquarters on Monday.
MMJV general manager Mark Mitchell said he had the vision to give back what the affected communities deserve. He said the signing forged “a great relationship”.