Bulolo farming project boosted

National, Normal


BULOLO district received its second stock of livestock, fish fingerlings and ducklings from the Erap Resource and Development Centre last weekend.
Department of Agriculture and Livestock (NDAL) Mamose region director Masayan Moat and resource centre officers Movis Ario, James Duks and Solopi Sensik delivered 31 cattle, 50 goats, 25 sheep, 392 ducks and 10,000 fingerlings.
The K300,000 funding for the farming project was made in 2009 to the food security branch of the agriculture department in Erap station, Huon Gulf.
Besides providing the stock, the money also covered training of trainers and farmers in livestock farming and extension, animal husbandry and technical advisory.
The project is aimed at improving family nutrition, encouraging sustainable farming systems for food security and promoting income generation.
Mumeng local level government (LLG) president Mathias Philip said his and the five other LLGs of Wau rural, Watut, Buang, Wau-Bulolo urban and Waria were fortunate to have engaged the vital programme involving the promotion of food security.
Erap programme officer Ario said: “Bulolo district alone had valued the significance of the agricultural sector, utilising the rightful agent’s resources and expertise to benefit from it.”
Bulolo MP Sam Basil could not make it to Mumeng station from his home in Sagayo village in Buang to receive the animals and to launch the programme due to the swelling of Buang and Kumalu Rivers.