Bulolo imposes year-long grog ban

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A YEAR-long alcohol ban imposed by the Bulolo district has been approved by the Morobe provincial liquor licensing board.
The ban comes into effect today and will continue for the next 11 months.
The chairman of the committee, Bulolo MP Sam Basil had introduced the agenda at the end of last month during the district planning committee meeting.
His submission was unanimously supported by both the deputy chairman and Morobe Governor Luther Wenge including other members of the committee.
The committee had been compelled to act after a mushrooming of crime and a death were all attributed to effects of alcohol consumption – just two days after a previous six months ban was lifted.
The committee also noted the concern from various women leaders in Wau and Bulolo with calls for the ban.
“The behaviour of drunkards had been affecting the peace of the majority,”  Bulolo-Wau (Bulwa) mayor Jack Sherrif Nawi said.
He said they now had to use “scarce resources for policing these petty-minded people”.
Provincial administrator, Kemas Tomala supported Mr Nawi’s statements, adding that law and order was also rife in other districts in the province.
However, he said the resources to address the root cause were very limited.