Bulolo lacking decent services


EARLIER this month, we read and saw pictures of men and women carrying store goods from Bulolo all the way to Wau.
They have been doing that for the past 10 years.
One wonders why a resource-rich district’s roads and other vital services such as health and education are being left in bad states.
I would like to explain the demarcation of responsibilities of maintenance of national, provincial and districts roads.
The highway from Lae to Wau and Lae to Aseki and Menyamya are the responsibility of the Government.
The Morobe government is responsible for district roads connecting to the main highway.
Examples are Sambio-Wawas road in Middle Watut of Mumeng LLG and Wau-Biru Garaina road in Waria LLG.
Any excess roads linking wards or villages with the provincial roads are the responsibilities of each LLGs.
Road links in Bulolo district has deteriorated over the last 15 plus years.
All MPs are being given K15 million in DSIP funds each year.
What has happened to those funds?
Nobody knows how much the Bulolo district has received from the Hidden Valley Mine though royalties and the district’s businesses such as the Spirit of Bulolo passenger plane.
Our MP has turned a blind eye on the cries of the Bulolo-Wau people.
The roads in the district are in a worse state and our people are being badly affected week in week out.
The electorate hosts two mining projects, Hidden Valley in Wau LLG and Wafi-Golpu in Mumeng-Huon Gulf districts apart from Zenag Chicken, PNG forestry, alluvial gold mining, coffee and cocoa.
We should be treated with respect.
Bulolo MP and Minister for National Planning and Monitoring Sam Basil has held several ministerial portfolios over the last 10 years with little or nothing to show for to date.
My advice to the people of Bulolo-Wau is to stop crying, sit down and open your eyes.

Samson C Napo,
Buang LLG