Bulolo people don’t need PMV trucks


DEPUTY Prime Minister and Bulolo MP Sam Basil is currently flooding his electorate with PMV trucks.
He is distributing them as free Government handouts to various villages in five of our six local level government areas.
By doing so, Basil is encouraging “free handout” mentality and laziness among our people instead of encouraging them to be self-reliant and work hard. Where is he getting these funds from when the other MPs are struggling to find money to deliver essential services to their people in this difficult financial year?
Giving out PMV trucks to villages is killing PMV businesses in Bulolo because hardworking people who have secured loans to purchase their PMV trucks are now struggling to repay their loans due to the large number of PMVs operating in the district.
As a result, banks and other financial companies have repossessed some PMVs.
Can Basil help settle their debts so they can continue their businesses?
Basil, who is Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister, should be encouraging and promoting business activities.
It’s a shame that through his unwise decision, he has contradicted his department’s vision by causing the downfall of hardworking PMV owners in his electorate.
From experience, public ownership of PMVs do not last.
It is a very bad decision to waste limited Government funds on PMVs that will not last.
It would be better to spend these funds on maintaining roads, aid posts, schools and other projects that will benefit a lot of people in the long run.
Distributing gifts to villages to attract votes is what Basil has been doing all these years.
It is corruption at the highest level.
If he wants to play politics than it would be better to play it on the same level as others.
He should not use his position and power to influence people in the pretext of delivering Government services.
The people are not that stupid, they have been watching things unfolding in Bulolo all these years.
All these free PMVs are for the last 14 years that they have not received any Government services.
Next year, we will see the real change in Bulolo.

Max Giamiti,

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  • It truly is very true. It sounds very enticing especially as we come towards our national Olympic games as in the form of the 22 National Election

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