Bulolo police on alert

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 10th April, 2013


POLICE in Bulolo, Morobe are on high alert after movements of people to and from the town has increased since Monday because of two land dispute cases before the 


One of the disputes involving the “Baiyune to Cliffside” area is expected to be decided by the court this week.

Bulolo police yesterday told The National that they had spotted new faces in town and were anticipating trouble.

Police said 32 landowner groups from the area had gone to court over the ownership of the land.

Police said some important projects including the Baiyune mini hydro facility recently built by PNG Forest Products, Baiyune High School and the PNGFP pine tree plantation were located on the land in dispute.

The second case, expected to start next week, involves 50 landowner groups disputing the ownership of the Bulolo town area.

Police said they would call for back-up from Lae and other districts should there be any trouble.