Bulolo to get state’s shares

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The National,Friday 09th December 2011

GOVERNMENT shares in Papua New Guinea Forest Products will be transferred to the Bulolo district to cater for its physical improvements, Deputy Prime Minister and Vanimo-Green MP Belden Namah says.
Namah, however, did not say what percentage of shares would be transferred to the district.
He said the government had enough in­come-generating sour­ces to cater for the country.
Namah told people gathered to witness the passing out of 70 police reservists for the six local level government areas last Friday: “Without law and order in any country, development collapses”
Experiencing two critical ethnic clashes between the Biangais and Watuts and the Sepiks and locals, the district has invested K2 million into policing and law and order.
The 70 reservists will be deployed into their respective LLGs to help village peace officers.
Another highway patrol troop was established to patrol the Bulolo highway from Markham Bridge to Wau.
Bulolo MP and National Planning Minister Sam Basil urged women, especially mothers, to advise him about law and order problems there.
“I will make sure we recruit more reservists, train them and boost
our security force in each LLG to minimise law and order problems in our district,” Basil said.
Basil and Namah opened a foot bridge, the longest at Namba 8, near the Golden Pine.
Basil urged the people to take care of what had been provided to them.