Bumayong meeting held to get students back in class


THE Bumayong Lutheran Secondary School board members and community leaders have discussed ways for the school to resume classes.
The school suspended classes indefinitely last week on Tuesday after a fight broke out among the students.
Principal Saiya Daniel said the teachers had discussed the situation and planned a strategy that would help return the school to normal.
“Both the short-term and long-term strategies are to get students occupied in academic activities,” Daniel said.
“We will observe students for any behaviour that is unbecoming, and also to identify students that are causing this issue.
“Our teachers are up-to-date with teaching activities to prepare students for assessments, so we will get them busy when they come in.”
He said nine police officers and leaders from Lae law and order committee would help the school.
He said a formal agreement will be made with the committee so that arrangements for their voluntary assistance can be made.
Board chairman Jacob Sawanga said the issues that caused the fight has been there for years.
“We really have tried every possible way to suppress this issue, but it still happens,” he said.
“This is the first time the ward committees and leaders have stood up to help the school.
“With the committees’ support, the school management will do whatever it takes to have students resume class.
“This is to ensure that our grade 10 students sit for their Written Expression examination on Thursday next week.”
The committee members would run a programme on the issue of fighting in school.
Committee chairman Sam Oyaya said that the same principles used to deal with community issues would apply to the students, especially when they are outside the school’s jurisdiction.
“We will prepare ourselves so that we can help this school to get students back into classes,” he said.
The meeting resolved that normal classes will resume on Monday.

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