Bumayong secondary school gets new computers

National, Normal

The National, Thursday July 25th, 2013


SCHOOLING is not only about academic pursuit but acquiring life skills, a principal said.

Serah Tapo, the principal of Bumayong Lutheran Secondary School, was launching 30 new computers and the school’s renovated computer laboratory.

Tapo told students that not all people were good academically as some were better at skilled jobs.

“Not everyone will succeed academically. Computer (skill) is an important skill,” Tapo said.

“It is a career and profession of its own.”

The school had used funds from the Government’s tuition-fee free policy to buy the equipment.

“This was because our old computers, mostly donated ones, have stopped working,” Tapo said.

A new television was bought for female boarders to use.  

Information Communication Technology teacher George Waiguma said the computers cost K70,000.

He said students would be taught not only how to use the computers but how to assemble and programme them.

The event coincided with the presentation of 17 cartons of exercise books and a new set of jerseys for the school’s rugby team by former principal and Nawaeb MP Gisuwat Siniwin.