Bundi LLG reports scam

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The National – Friday, December 17, 2010

FIVE ward councillors from Bundi on Wednesday complained of widespread wantok system and mismanagement of funds at the district treasury, causing no services reaching villages in the area.
Ward two councillor John Nezingu, who spoke on behalf of other ward members, said almost nil services had reached Bundi district since 2008 as the same council executive officer , who has been acting in that position for the last 10 years, according to the councillors, had been abusing the office by entertaining individual claims and indulging in the 10% scam involving different service providers.
Nezingu alleged that a total of K100,000 given by Samson Kuli for road and bridge works after the 2008 natural disaster which wiped away almost all their bridge access, earmarked for the Imbrum to Bundi station, had gone missing.
“We hear and see people with claims going to the district office at Walium, which is some hours walk  from Bundi station, to be served.
“Since 2008, we walk two hours just to see this person at Walium and be told that there is no money.”
He said if the government continued to ignore them, they would declare themselves part of Chimbu instead of Madang.