Bunnies release Gebbie

Digicel Cup champs Tigers recruit PNG Kumuls flyer

SOUTH Sydney have confirmed the release of Papua New Guinea Kumuls speedster Edene Gebbie who has joined defending champions Lae Tigers for the Digicel Cup season which kicks off on Saturday.
“Edene has been released from his National Rugby League (NRL) contract with the Rabbitohs to return to PNG,” Rabbitohs media and communication manager Jeremy Monahan told The National yesterday.
“With the Covid-19 restrictions, we were only able to accommodate 32 players in our squad and we had 34 on our roster.
“It was jointly decided that Edene would head back to PNG so we released him from his contract.”
Franchise owner Ian Chow said the former SP Hunters and Wynnum Manly fullback, who joined the Rabbitohs on a two-year deal this year, would make his Tigers debut in their round-two clash with the Central Dabaris at the Sir John Guise Stadium in Port Moresby next Saturday.
“Right now, the NRL is the only rugby league competition played in Australia and most of the fringe players have nowhere to go to keep fit because of the pandemic,” he said.
“Gebbie is fortunate that by this weekend, the Digicel Cup will be the only rugby league competition afoot in the world, apart from the NRL.
“It’s great that he has joined us.
“He brings a lot of experience and class to the team and he will be a big boost for us in our quest to retain the title.
“He will not be playing this week because he was struck down with dengue fever for three days last week and he is still recovering, however, he will definitely play in round two.”
Chow said Edwin Ipape, who had a stint with Blacktown Workers Sea Eagles in the Canterbury Cup New South Wales Cup, would also add quality to the team.
“Ipape will also be exciting to watch,” he said.
“With the likes of Gebbie, Ipape and our SP Hunters recruits, we are set for our Digicel Cup campaign.”


  • Edene is a young and brilliant player representing PNG in Q-Cup and make PNG proud but it is such an unfortunate news for his fns. We hope for him to play for rabbithos one day.

    • It’s really embarrassing to see south’s letting go a very young talented guy better than their current full back.. If its were storms he would have been given a chance already cause maracus Bai had set the record and Justin Olam making his name now.. I would like to take this time and thank Melbourne storms management and team for giving our local Papua New Guineans for making their name and us as a all proud…. Storms full support though I’m not a supporter..

  • You don’t know what they are capable of unless you give them a break. Very few NRL coaches give PNG players that break. This guy has got talent. I reckon he will still play in the NRL one day.

  • Rabbits should have given him a chance to play at fullback. The overpaid Mitchell isn’t delivering anything to the club.

  • What is really going on with them(SSR) because he IS VERY CAPABLE to play at that stage, also he is the youngest Papua New Guinean rugby player to be selected into the to (SSR) team. I didnt seen bad of him , he is very talented young player and yeah thank God that their is always be the change in PNG and he also make PNG proud too.

  • Souths are very wrong in releasing a young natural talent. he will still play NRL or English super league one day for sure and they will regret releasing him.

  • Good on you Edene Gabbie. We need more talent like you for PNG in the future. Due to the COVID19, it has made things difficult. Keep it up!

    I’m sure you’ll still get a chance, not only NRL but Superleague as well.

    Fan from Samarai.

  • The NRL is riddled with stereotype. They prefer the bigger and taller Fijians, Tongans and Samoans. But pound for pound, PNG players are tough as nails, aggressive and athletic. PNG can take on any team in the rugby league world.
    Gebbie did show he can make top rate player at the club nines. We content that he will be picked up any time by a NRL club. The opportunity will pop-up sooner than you know.

  • The silver lining in this is with Ipape and Gebbie, at least I know which Digicel cup team will be the Premiers this season.

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