Bus and taxi service in EHP


PMV and taxi services are vital services provided in major towns and cities.
Goroka town is considered one of the safest towns in Papua New Guinea and people are flocking in from all corners of the country.
International tourists are also visiting.
The town is bustling with activities, there is overcrowding, and traffic congestion is a daily problem.
As an Eastern Highlander, it worries me to see my town in a state of chaos.
One of the serious concerns now is the regulation of PMV and taxi services.
Currently buses are running every routes depending on the availability of passengers.
Congestions at bus stops is affecting traffic flow and is currently considered a norm.
Taxi service is unregistered.
This is a wake-up call to responsible authorities to step in and address this issue.
If other centres in PNG such as Kokopo and Madang have their PMV and taxi services organised and regulated, there is no excuse for Goroka.
We need to ensure that there is a limit on the number of registered buses and taxis operating in town.
Strict criteria should be laid down for operators.
Goroka is a booming town and people from across the country and the globe are visiting, so we need to show them that we are capable of our town.
Otherwise, it will always be a shame.


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