Bus owner fined K500

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A BUS owner has been fined K500 after his driver allegedly tried to bribe a police officer who had arrested him for illegal parking.
Officer in charge of the Boroko police traffic division Insp Joseph Salle told The National that there were many good police officers who tried to do their job according to the rules and only a few were spoiling the good name of the constabulary.
“I am happy with what the police officer did when he refused to take the K50 offered to him by the driver of the vehicle,” he said.
“He told the driver to go straight to the police station.
“When police officers do that, it becomes a habit.
“Police officers accept bribes and they forget to arrest and charge suspects that leads to the increasing number traffic accidents.”
He said the owner of the bus would have to pay K500 for the unauthorised parking offence by his driver.
He did not say what would happen to the driver on the bribery allegation.
Salle said penalties for traffic offences had increased and drivers and the owners should know that.
He said the court was where an accused person could defend himself if they had not committed any offence.
“I am also calling on the public to report to police the drivers who damage public properties like lamp posts and traffic signs.
“Get the vehicle plate numbers and call the police so we can arrest and charge the offenders because most of the public properties that were damaged by the drivers are not replaced or maintained,” Salle said.

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  • that senior corprol in the photo is one out of 100 officers who is honest in his work. I know he may not be a buai chewer nor smoker. This officer is A POLICE OFFICER. More from you, SIR. The other 99, are not ready to serve this country in blue.

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