Buses to operate under guidelines

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BUSES may operate if the drivers and the fare collectors wear personal protective equipment and provide passengers santisers, an official says.
Bryan Kramer, representing Prime Minister James Marape, said 25-seater buses should
carry only 15 passengers to
ensure there is space for social distancing.
Deputy Police Commissioner Operation Donald Yamasombi said there was no ban imposed on buses in Port Moresby.
He told The National yesterday that there had been conflicting statements from authorities on the operation of buses.
“We are advising all bus drivers to carry less than 25 passengers (because of) social distancing,” Yamasombi said.
“The buses must also carry hand sanitisers and both the driver and crew will have to wear personal protective equipment.
“Commuters too are encouraged to wear face masks.”
Yamasombi said they were still discussing details and he was not sure when the buses could start operating again.
“That will have to be cleared by the controller (Police Commissioner David Manning),” he said.

The National newspapers in a puddle after police allegedly chased newspaper vendors away in Lae, Morobe, yesterday.

Kramer: No ban on selling newspapers

THERE is no ban in place on selling newspapers, says Police Minister Bryan Kramer.
Kramer made the comments after reports of police officers in Lae attacking vendors and throwing away newspapers.
“We are now clearing airplanes to carry cargo and will clear newspapers as well to be flown throughout the country,” he said.
“If this report of police allegedly attacking newspaper vendors and throwing away newspapers is true, I will ask The National management to file a report and we will look into it.”
Meanwhile, the country currently has 1,000 test kits and 10,000 more are expected to come in today from New Zealand.

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  • I have not seen anyone putting masks when buying News papers above. Who can provide masks?
    Is there enough stock for all people around the country?What happen to those who do not put on masks and trying to get in to buses?
    We don’t have to import everything outside, start to think big and be creative, buy machines and hire qualify and experts to train our people so that we can make our own things,only set up factories.This is an eye opening to our leader, we can not just import.Leaders now think big, smart and do something.? This is a big lesson to us,if all Ports and airports shut down, we will go home and eat only Kaukau and bananas

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