Bushwara community says no to alcohol, marijuana


THE people living in a settlement outside Port Moresby have agreed to have a zero tolerance on alcohol and marijuana consumption and sales.
The community of 6000 at Bushwara was told by Gordon police station commander Inspector Mark Mosinakave that police supported their decision.
“I will work with the community leaders on their agreement of the community law that is to ban alcohol and marijuana,” Mosinakave told the people at Three-Corner Market on Wednesday.
“Select your youths and send the list to me. We will train them to serve as volunteers and provide community policing to make these ban effective,” he said.
Mosinakave said he commended the leaders to establish the law of alcohol and marijuana consumptions which had the major cause of problems in many NCD settlements.
“You have set a good community law which is no alcohol in the settlement. It is a way forward to bring change into the community where we live in.”