Heather gets Pro-ma bonus

Pro-ma Systems PNG business executives sharing the happy occasion with Heather Yaninnen (middle) as she receives her cheque from Pro-ma PNG national sales manager Violent Aopi. – Picture supplied.

HEATHER Yaninnen has held fast to a business idea for many years and is today living comfortably.
With such a positive mindset, from the hard days of carrying a cooler- load of ice blocks on her head to Waigani market to her success with Pro-ma Systems, she has reaped many blessings along the way.
Heather is the wife of retired college lecturer David Yaninnen who had taught for a long time at the Administrative College (which has changed names a few times to what is today the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance, Pilag for short).
Many years ago, every day, except Sabbaths, Heather would carry her cooler and other food items to the Waigani market where she would sit there trading until late in the afternoon.
Heather had her mind in the right place so when she was introduced to the Professional Marketing (Pro-ma) products and multi-level marketing business, she naturally adopted it and for the next decade or two, never once thought twice about her prospects for the future.
Her commitment and consistence in selling Pro-ma products and enlisting others in the business has been paying handsome dividends for her.
Pro-ma has made it possible for Heather to travel the world on 21 occasions, on board luxury liners and living in five star hotels in cities of the world.
The global pandemic has restricted such travels for the past two years so last week, her travel credits were paid out to her in a cash bonus of K10,000. She was to have travelled to England and Switzerland these past two years but because of the pandemic, all global travel arranged by Pro-ma Systems had to be cancelled.
Pro-ma Systems PNG national sales manager Violet Aopi presented Heather the K10,000 cheque last Thursday in Port Moresby, describing it as an early Christmas gift to be spent anyway she wished.
“Pro-ma’s planned travel to London last year as been cancelled and because of the uncertainties in 2021, travel to Switzerland this year has also been cancelled,” Aopi said.
“In 28 years of Pro-ma in PNG there has not been any cash incentive paid out to anyone. Heather is the first Pro-ma ambassador to receive a cash incentive.”
“I am pleased to represent Val and Sandra Fitler (founders of Pro-ma Systems in Australia) to present the bonus to Heather,” Aopi said.
Asked about her long association with Pro-ma, Heather said: “I don’t ask for money, even from my husband when he was still working. I make my own money and that way I can do anything with it and feel comfortable spending it.
“When you feel comfortable and want to rest, that is a most dangerous situation. You must wake up from there and get going again,” Heather urged those who want to make something out of their lives.
Her persistence and consistency with Pro-mas since 1997 when she was first introduced to it by PNG’s first female doctor, Dr Amelia Homa. Since then the businees has paid handsome dividend for Heather. She is at the apex of the Pro-ma structure, having reached gold executive director level, along with only two other Papua New Guineas – Violent Aopi and Kessie Mormor.
Over the two decades, she has gone from sales associate, the basic level to her current status – all because she has a positive, can-do attitude.
Heather was introduced to Pro-ma by Dr Homba whose son Reay Sialis sponsored her.
Here is a personal testimony of Reay Sialis on Heather’s journey with Pro-ma Systems PNG.
I got to meet Heather Yaninnen at a training session I was doing for Pro-ma Systems in the earlier years after Pro-ma Systems had established here in Papua New Guinea.
She had approached me and told me she was part of my network/team and she needed some help as she wanted to know more about the Pro-ma Systems products and the business of direct sales and network marketing.
She was very eager to know more about the whole system and she asked a lot of questions over the years.
I had the opportunity to show her what I knew about the business and the products and the direct sales and network marketing industry.
This type of industry and business was very new in the country in 1995-6, so a lot of people were very skeptical about this business opportunity.
My mother Dr Amelia Homba and I as her team leaders did many business and product presentations with Heather to support her business here in Port Moresby and in other provinces.
Heather Yaninnen was a very fast learner and having a lot of experience in selling in the informal sector (Waigani Market), selling ice blocks and meri blouses she thrived by using those skills to thrive in her Pro-ma business.
She would attend every company training here in PNG and Australia.
She grew a whole lot in her confidence as she attended the company personal development and business seminars here in PNG and Australia. She is a self-starter and a she will attest a lot of her success to her Christian faith and the support of her husband, family and her Pro-ma network.
After she learned what to do in the business she went on to build a large business and network in PNG.
It has been a pleasure to walk with her in the start of her journey, however as a strong woman she has put in the effort personally to be successful in the business.
She has up risen to the very top of our company’s marketing plan as a gold executive director and business woman.
Over the years she has consistently won five-star all expenses paid trips around the world to the most exotic and expensive destinations due to her sales volumes.
She deserves this cash award from the company as she not only works hard but she works smart.
Her business has helped her educate her children to university level and helped her have a comfortable life.
All the brand ambassadors of Pro-ma Systems PNG are always inspired by Heather’s achievements.
I write this as her team leader and friend, not representing Pro-ma Systems PNG.

Jenny passionate to help people

Dr Farrah’s three main products.

IT is not every day that you see a business that provides a service that is not merely profit-oriented but also has the heart to help people in return with free advice and home remedies.
Jenny Tia, from Dauli village, Hela is a determined woman and her journey to opening her shop called Oceana Nutrition was not easy; it took her almost four years from 2018 to finally bring the nutritional food supplement products from the United States of America (USA) to Papua New Guinea.
Oceana Nutrition imports from Doctor Farrah Bunch’s nutritional food supplement products from the USA. Jenny has seen that many Papua New Guineans did not seriously take nutritional and organic food products in their daily meals and that contributed to many unwanted lifestyle diseases and eventual loss of life. The shop, Oceana Nutrition was named by Doctor Farrah Bunch and it was officially opened by National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop in September, 2021.
“I brought this nutritional food supplement products because they have great benefits; human lives could be saved.
“I was thinking if developed countries around the globe could embrace these products and have testimonies of healings experienced by patients it would be worth importing them regardless of the cost.
“It took me a lot of effort and costs to meet the health requirements of PNG to successfully obtain the import, export and wholesale license and also to purchase these products from USA and bring them into the country. It really has been a very challenging and tough journey in the past three years but I did not give up and fear failure. Instead I had faith in God because in God we are more than conquerors. In challenging times like this, by trusting and putting hope in God because he lives, we can face tomorrow,” Jenny said.
Oceana Nutrition is an enteprise driven by the core business principles of helping and providing options to treat lifestyle diseases with natural medicines to create a healthy, wealthy and educated population.
Oceana Nutrition’s mission at the end of the day is to get more people to eating healthier, growing healthier and adopting healthier living habits regardless of who they are, where they come from, how much money they have or what background they are from.
As a nationally-owned small-to medium enterprise (SME), Oceana Nutrition’s first and foremost aim is to revive the neglected nutritional and organic food in our daily meals through awareness and selling of nutritional products.
“We want to teach our communities the importance of doing regular detoxification through eating healthy nutritional food and supplements that can eliminate the toxins we are exposed to every day. By doing so, we believe that they will be better equipped in address their health problems, especially in maintaining their immune system to improve their healthy living standards and living longer life.”
People need nutritional supplements to boost their immune system and they could also cure lifestyle diseases if they are faithful with organic food and are provided valuable information so that they can manage their own health.
Good nutrition is vital but has long been neglected in Papua New Guinea and is slowly fading away as most people prefer fast processed food that causes many unwanted lifestyle diseases in our country and around the world, due to bad food choice.
“We need to supply our bodies with all the nutrients they need to reboot. Balanced nutritional diet with health, fitness, exercise and well-being contribute to better life and stops preventable diseases.
“Like they say, prevention is better than cure. It is more important and cost-effective to prevent diseases at an early stage rather than when already developed.”
Oceana Nutrition has been selling the products in PNG for nearly three months and the feedback from the customers was good as most of them felt very relieved and could see some changes in their bodies. Some customers who have diabetes, high blood pressure, back and neck pain, insomnia, asthma, gout, fever and flu also felt better and are improving.
Jenny is the sole distributor of Doctor Farrah nutritional food supplement products in Papua New Guinea. She met Doctor Farrah in 2018 and stayed in her medical facility in the Philippines where she learned about the products and home rmedies using herbs.
With the nutritional products comes a book that provides all the information on using natural herbs to make home remedies to help manage diseases. This book will also be sold with the nutritional products to customers in Jenny’s shop in the Unity Mall. The natural home remedy book is expected to arrive this month.
“Doctor Farrah is very kind therefore, she provided information in her book for anyone, whether sick or not, to have access so they can be able to manage their own health,” NJenny said.
“We have all the organic food in our country but the problem is that we lack proper information about the properties and functions when we consume them. Therefore, this book was produced to help customers and patients to do their own home remedies with Doctor Farrah’s protocols, especially for those who are unable to purchase products regularly.
“We are focused on sharing the love and kindness to the people, thus we will sell the book so people can help themselves,” Jenny said.
Dr Farrah’s products are approved by the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and sold around the globe, and also registered on the Amazon website. Her latest product is a hand sanitiser for to help prevent Covid-19.
Visit Oceana Nutrition at the Unity Mall, Steamships Compound, the Facebook page Doctor Farrah Products Papua New Guinea or the to know about the products and how they can help people, especially those suffering from lifestyle diseases.