Business cash flow plan vital

The National, Monday July 18th, 2016

In Papua New Guinea where ‘wantok’ expectations are high, you must operate according to your business Cash-flow plan (BCP), private business consultant Nane Emtalu says.
He owns Lanthro Business Consultants that helps local small-medium enterprises (SMEs) businesses.
Ematalu operates in Waigani and has been providing consultancy services for SMEs for the last two years.
He said a business cash-flow plan described a real movement of money.
“The cash flow describes payments that are expected to happen in the future and what money they would get according to their sales,” Emtalu said.
“Business cash-flow plan ensures financial management of your business that helps you to adhere strictly to the operational expenses or money plan for 12 months.
“I did consultation services to companies such as Trans Wonder Land, Mount Zion Corporation Ltd 3, JM Engineering Works, Parakai Security Services and other big companies that have raised the bar.
“I realised for me to have that knowledge, I needed to help our locals to better understand what BCP is and how they can make profit.”
He said established consultant companies charged high fees which drained off our local people.
“I am trying to give back to our people what I have learnt on how they can go about to do business to make tangible profit but at a lower fee charged,” Emtalu said.
“I have already helped almost 60 to 80 per cent of  local small-medium enterprise owners for the last two years that have loaned money from the National Development Bank (NDB) to start up their business.