Business, foundation work to promote menstrual health

Health Watch

MORE awareness should be conducted to educate women and girls on the importance of menstrual health and hygiene in the country, an official says.
QueenPads founder and chief executive officer Anne-Shirley Korave said women in third world countries such as Papua New Guinea were faced with the challenge of managing good menstrual hygiene.
She said one way of bringing this vital education to the female population was through awareness programmes in schools.
Korave said QueenPads in collaboration with its key delivery partner, the Sir Brian Bell Foundation, had paid a visit to Marianville Secondary School in Port Moresby last week to conduct an awareness programme on good menstrual health and hygiene practices.
“Key messages included embracing the special menstrual process and cycle, practice good menstrual hygiene such as changing soiled pads at recommended times no longer than six hours daily, bathing two to three times daily, ensuring to prioritise menstrual health, getting enough rest during the special days, being hydrated, eating organic food and fruits,” she said.
Korave said for the 950 female students, including female teachers, it was like a refresher session and most knew the importance of menstrual health.
She said regardless, about less than two per cent of them were still unaware that the country now has an alternative and ecofriendly cost savings PNG made product made for women.
“A product awareness was also conducted towards the end of the session and product demonstration was made to show them how to use the pads,” she said.
“They enjoyed the session and each student received a packet of QueenPads, a courtesy of Sir Brian Bell Foundation through foundation CEO Bronwyn Wright and her team.”

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