Business houses in Goroka get behind Lahanis

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BUSINESS houses in Goroka, Eastern Highlands, have thrown their support behind Bintangor Goroka Lahanis to carry their provincial flag when they clash with SBS Mendi Muruks in the bemobile Cup grand final in Lae on Sunday.
The support was triggered after the tremendous performance by the Lahanis in this year’s semi-professional rugby league competition.
“We are behind our provincial team because they represent us, sponsors and the fans throughout PNG.
“I have been backing the Lahanis for more than 10 years despite not making into the grand final,” Nawani Building Construction owner Nick Wayuse said on Tuesday.
“But this year, they made us proud when they made it into the grand final,” Wayuse said he was “one of the die-hard fans” and sponsors who had always backed the Lahanis, putting incentives like man-of-the match and cash for the players.
Wayuse was among other sponsors who, sponsored the man-of-the match, best players in the backs and forwards with more than K1,000 cash in the semi-final between Lahanis and Agmark Gurias in Lae last weekend.
“I like sponsoring games, especially when Lahanis play. And my efforts have been rewarded because the team I have been supporting is in the grand final.”
Wayuse, who comes from one of the rural villages in Okapa district, Eastern Highlands, added that he would set aside different incentives for the best players, including the K500 man-of-the match in the grand final.
Other business personalities said they were negotiating with the Lahanis board to sponsor and set incentives for the whole team.
Wayuse also said there were early preparations in Okapa, Henganofi, Kaintantu, Asaro to travel to Lae to watch the grand final.
Muruks’ fans and supporters from Southern Highlands are also expected to travel to Lae to back their team.