Business houses lose K120,000 to robbers

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TWO business houses have suffered at the hands of robbers in two consecutive days in Port Moresby, losing more than K119,000 worth of cash and items.
The first robbery was reported at Waigani at about 9.30am on Sunday when three men, posing as customers, entered the shop’s premises armed with two pistols and ransacked the cash office, police said yesterday.
Police reports indicated that the robbers made off with K59,325.95 in cash and K4,500 worth of mobile flex cards in a waiting vehicle.
The suspects were described to have donned black shirts, brown shorts and balaclavas as disguise and were clean shaven.
Police later attended the scene to get details .
According to police, the second robbery took place on Monday, at about 3pm, at a hardware shop, located at Gordon.
Police said an employee of the company had left the building  in the company vehicle for banking purposes when she was held up in the car park.
She was inside the    vehicle, about to start it when two men came
up and surrounded the vehicle forcing her out and grabbed the cash totalling K55,906.
Police said the robbers escaped in a black sedan vehicle.
The robbery was later reported to police.
Port Moresby police also reported a robbery last Sept 23 at Kanudi in which K119,850 was stolen.
Information given by police was sketchy but it is understood that one person, out of four suspects, had been arrested and charged in connection with the robbery.